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--------------------- CONGRATULATIONS --------------------

Congratulations to two Delta SOPHE members who received awards during the 2018 SOPHE Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  Dr. David Birch received the Distinguished Fellow Award, which is the highest honor awarded to a SOPHE member.  Dr. Mary Shaw received the SOPHE Trophy, which is an award presented by the SOPHE President to the SOPHE member she/he judges to have contributed most to the success of her/his administration.


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2018 Annual Fall Delta SOPHE Conference

Ms. Erin Leigh Murphy Cromeans
We are beginning the planning for the Delta SOPHE Conference for 2018.  We needed a few items shared with the larger group, so that we can begin to move forward!

  1.       Does Thursday, Oct 25 (pre-conference workshop) and Friday, October 26 (day conference) pose any significant conflicts for other campuses?
  2.       If anyone is interested in joining the planning committee, please email Erin Cromeans at
  3.       Conference theme suggestions may also be submitted to Erin Cromeans at

Ole Miss is excited to host the next Delta SOPHE conference!

Erin Cromeans
Assistant Director of Health Promotion
Department of Campus Recreation
The University of Mississippi
214 Turner Center
University , MS 38677-1848
O: +1-662-915-6543 | F: +1-662-915-5593 |


Summary by:  Dr. Nakietra Burse - Advocacy 2017 Summit

This was my second year attending SOPHE’s Advocacy Summit. I think it is an invaluable experience for not only public health practitioners, but also students and other academicians.  The skills taught at the conference are practical skills that can be used in our daily advocacy work.  The most profound part of the experience for me is being able to go to Capitol Hill and advocate on behalf of Mississippians.  Each year, though SOPHE has an agenda prepared for the Capitol Hill visits, I find it extremely important that we always make sure the issues hit home and are representative and reflective of what is going on in Mississippi.  The Capitol Hill visits are typically with staffers, but just the experience of being in the nation’s capital being a voice for Mississippi is powerful.  I think this is even more impactful for students.  Particularly, with Jackson State University being located in the capital city, going to the State Capitol is a fairly easy and common thing to do, but to be able to interact with individuals from different states, learn best practices, and bring those practices back home is extremely impactful. 

I think this opportunity was great and I hope that more students and JSU faculty can attend in the future.