Gina Kneble is currently finishing her Master’s in Public Health at Louisiana State University- Shreveport. She completed her Bachelor’s in Science degree in biology pre-medicine in her home state of New Jersey. “Passions are shaped by life experiences and the people surrounding us thus influencing our careers. Through being present at family dinners listening to aunts and uncles discuss medical cases from their practices, it influenced my continuous decisions to further my education focused on medicine and public health, so I can support and educate others around me.”

      The year of 2017 at Rowan University, Gina was accepted by the Medlife Organization to learn first-hand in Ecuador about the health care system. Through make-shift clinics, Gina was able to help provide the locals with medical care ranging from dental needs to pelvic exams. After being exposed to such primitive conditions, Gina realized what she took for granted the accessibility of medical supplies. This was an eye-opening experience that continued to fuel her passion to better recognize health care systems in other countries. Furthermore, during Gina’s last two years at Rowan University, she was one of founding members of the South Jersey chapter of a nonprofit organization, Camp Kesem, and then shortly became the director. Her chapter accomplished holding a free week- long summer camp for children who have been affected by a parent’s cancer. Often times, children are left in the shadows and need to be reminded how to be a kid again, but most importantly, there is a community out there for support of other children similar to them. It is Gina’s humanitarian instinct to be able to travel abroad and state side to aid patients’ and relatives’ misery in critical emergencies.

      Moving away far from home to attend graduate school turned into a blessing. LSUS provided Gina the opportunity to intern at Caddo Juvenile Services and focus her capstone project around human trafficking in the Northwest Louisiana (NWLA) region, but also write a program plan to implement a platform for the NWLA children to build resiliency, coping, and competency skills to decrease truancy rates.

      Now, Gina is currently a research associate at Caddo Juvenile Court while finishing her degree. Gina is driven and excited to dive in to more opportunities to hopefully bring awareness to human trafficking in the Northwest Louisiana region.